The Cool Green Home Missoula

Branding, Website Design & Front-End Development


A local radio company came to me with an ambitious project to promote green building and energy efficient technology in the homes of everyday people. The program is called "The Cool Green Home" (CGH) and their goal is to show that sustainable building practices and eco-friendly technology can not only help the environment, but also lower costs in your home. The Cool Green Home program was already set up and local sponsors and partners were ready to go, they just needed a way to inform the public! Thats where I came in, I helped create their branding and supporting website to drive the promotion.

The Cool Green Home animated logo

Cool Green Home Missoula website footer

Early sketches of The Cool Green Home


By working with the Cool Green Home team I was able to learn details about the scope and intentions of the project, which allowed me to draft more accurate initial concepts. After a few rounds of sketching, designing, editing and more sketching, we developed a friendly and engaging brand that builds curiosity and excitement around their core values of sustainability and awareness. Since the promotion was, and still is, community driven I tied key community landmarks into the logo so viewers would find a sense of familiarity and recognize the CGH as a locally based promotion.

The Cool Green Home website is the primary way project leaders interact with their audience, so a clean and functional design was crucial. The site also needed to be inviting and intriguing to draw users in and get them involved. I developed an interactive animated logo for the website to show the process of the project, taking houses in need of restoration and using green building practices to restore them. This program has been a continued success for the community and each year it grows stronger.


Cool Green Home Missoula

Vertical display banner for CGH online advertising

Cool Green Home Missoula website footer

Footer detail from the CGH website