A little bit about me...

Welcome to the Farm

Hi and thanks for visiting! I'm Patrick (the one on the right) and I am a design & development nerd currently adventuring in the Greater Seattle Area. Along with me comes an amazing quartet of support, including my wife Candice (the one on the left), our daughter Scarlet, our French-Australian Shepherd named Archer and a fiery Maine Coon named Addison. I know, it's a regular ol' farm at the Gill house... I also have a tropical fish tank... but that's it!

Roots and Reasons

I haven't always been a designer, but I have a passion and drive to understand out how things work. I am fascinated by complex systems, whether it be ocean tides or how the human body creates energy, and think we can learn a lot from successful systems already in place. I was fortunate enough to grow up amidst the mountains and valleys of Montana and drew inspiration from the craggy, snow-capped ridges and crystal clear rivers that surrounded me. My career path has been delightfully unexpected. Starting my college career at Montana State University as an architecture student, I gained a strong appreciation for clean lines and organized space. A few years later I graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelor's degrees in both fine arts and media arts, concentrating in printmaking and digital integrated media respectively.

What I Do

I love the process of design and enjoy collaborating with artists, designers and developers to solve challenging problems. Henry Sorrenson, my architectural rendering professor at MSU, always reminded me to "design for the human scale". This simple concept informs my design and development processes and inspires my core values of empathy, growth and cooperation. When I'm not hammering at a keyboard or sharpening a pencil, I can be found in the kitchen painting masterpieces of flavor, breaking drum sticks or out in search of the perfect powder day or fishing hole, depending on the weather.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me, let's get in touch!

You can view or download my resume as a PDF here, if you'd like.